We are back open!

Hello everyone!
Illuminations is now open with the same hours as before. Come on down and check out the new setup in the shop and browse through the merchandise.

Monday and yesterday many people worked together to make sure we were as ready as we could be to be open for the community. The Cherry building still has water coming in so the elevator is waiting to be worked on and that means the large items are waiting to come back into the center. But Illuminations is ready to serve you.

Practitioners are still taking appointments, some are setup already and some are moving back in still. The phone is now working. Give the center a call if you need to check who is available or go to the website and schedule an appointment.

Since this flood we have seen so much happen that hasn’t happened before. Cedar Rapids came together as a community to prevent and protect the city from disaster, we all reached out to help in some way, and this makes for a great defeat. Cedar Rapids thank you for taking a step forward. Thank you to everyone who helped physically move Illuminations to safety. Then moving us back in. Thank you all who sent healing thoughts our way as a city and for all the individual businesses and homes. Thank you Cedar Rapids, you rock!

“When action meets compassion lives change.”

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

“Liberation is freedom, true freedom comes from taking a step forward and having a voice, having choices. Puting passion into action. Lifting others up while you rise up. Be there in the midst of pain and joy, then coming forward to serve others with empathy and solidarity. Have compassion for every thing on this planet, it is all we have. Liberate yourself to liberate others. Be free, be yourself.”

Come on down and support the local businesses after the flood. That is a help to your community. Every little bit counts.
Thank you!
Illuminations Liberation Center


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