The 11 Days of Halloween

Time to Celebrate Halloween!

Since October 31st is the first year anniversary of Stephanie Ryan as owner of Illuminations, we decided to do it up right by celebrating the 11 Days of Halloween.  It so happens that this year that is exactly how many days it is from the Iowa City Metaphysical Expo (which Stephanie co-chairs) to Halloween.

Fun Events!

We have many spirited events planned.  You can:

  1. Spend a day at the Iowa City Metaphysical Expo in Iowa City.
  2. Learn how to sense spirits with Dani Linn’s Personal Mediumship Development class.
  3. Learn how to see spirits in Diana Palm’s Night of Scrying class.
  4. Experience Reiki and other high vibration energy during the Energy Share.
  5. Share your stories of ghostly encounters during Ghost Stories.
  6. Learn how to put local Iowa weeds to good use in the Ditch Witchery class.
  7. Join the entire Czech Village and New Bohemia District for the 1st annual Halloween Parade.
  8. Participate in a Samhain Sabbat circle.
  9. Dine with the dead during the Dearly Departed Dinner.
  10. Craft an altar for the Day of the Dead.
  11. Share your own mediumship abilities during a late night Mediumship Circle on Halloween itself.

Reserve Your Spot

Call 319-775-0117 for more information or check out our website at .






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