Rhodonite and Grief

Rhodonite Worry Stones at Illuminations

Rhodonite is a pink stone with black veins.  That color combination gives it a grounding nature along with an amplification of unconditional love. Here is an easy exercise that will help you tap into the energy of rhodonite to help with relieving grief and sadness at a spiritual level.

The Heart Chakra and Grief

The sadness of grief can make you feel like your heart is about to burst.  The heart chakra* is usually associated with the color green, but there is another chakra between the heart and throat chakras that is known as the High Heart chakra  It is pink. Part of the pain of grief is the feeling of loss that gets stuck in the heart energy. Moving that energy to the high heart and then down into the earth should help you get some relief.

How to Use Rhodonite to Release the Energy of Grief

Hold the rhodonite close to your heart and imagine its pink color expanding into the green energy of your heart chakra. Use the physical sensation of the stone in your hand to help you really feel this energy, even if you think you’re just imagining it. Now lift the stone in your hands up to your collarbone. Feel the sadness being pulled up into the High Heart Chakra and transformed with unconditional love. Allow the pink energy to saturate your entire body and radiate out from you as far as you can.

Grounding the Grief

With the rhodonite, draw a line from your High Heart down to the ground and set the stone on the ground in front of you. Standing up, put your left hand over your heart and your right hand with the palm facing the rhodonite. Feel the earthy black of the stone pulling the unhelpful emotions of  grief from your heart down into the earth below it.  From there it will be recycled.

Carry the Rhodonite with You

If your grief that won’t budge it might be helpful to do this practice once a day and then carry the stone with you, or you could wear a pendant or ring. All of these are available at Illuminations.

*The word chakra can mean several things but, in this instance, it means an energetic nexus connected to the body.

Note: Working with crystals does not replace the need for getting help from licensed medical or mental health professionals. Crystals are tools to help you on a spiritual level, which we believe is connected to the body and mind. If your grief is overwhelming and you can’t get relief, please seek professional help.




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