Which Tarot Queen Are You?

Empower Yourself with the Tarot Queens

Empower Yourself with the Tarot Queens

Tarot cards are usually thought of as a tool to predict the future but they are even more valuable as an aid for self-empowerment. Tarot cards can be gateways to unseen parts of yourself. Sometimes these parts will help you. Sometimes they work against you. Having an ongoing relationship with these different elements of your psyche can help you live a more empowered life.

The Tarot Queens

One way to start working with the cards this way is to communicate with the Tarot Queen cards.  The Tarot Queens represent universal personalities.   Everybody has the Tarot Queens within them, but some are more dominant than others. They are associated with the four elements found in many magical systems: fire, earth, water and air.  You can imagine working with a particular Tarot Queen to bring the queen’s gifts into your life.  Some Queens you will feel an instant connection with.  That’s the Tarot Queen you embody most easily.  But if some part of your life isn’t quite the way you want it you’ll most likely need to work with the Queen you feel the least comfortable with.

Tarot Queen of Fire

For instance, say you are having a hard time getting motivated to do something you need to do. You need to get fired up. You could light a red candle and meditate on the Queen of Swords, a Tarot Queen associated with fire. You could imagine her merging with you and lighting a fire within you to get you going. She could burn away whatever is holding you back.

Tarot Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is corresponded with water and therefore, emotions. If you want to work with this queen to help you manage your emotions you could hold your cupped hands over running water and then splash your face, imagining the queen merging with you to help you gain new insights.

Tarot Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is associated with earth and material things. This is the Queen who is the most practical and, once your motivated, will help you finish whatever it is you need to do. The simplest way to connect with the Queen of Pentacles is to stand barefooted on the ground and imagine her coming up from the earth and filling you with her wisdom.

Tarot Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is identified with the element of air and inspiration. If you want to connect with her, go outside and blow some bubbles as a signal for her to come to you. Feel the breeze (or wind) in your ears and imagine her whispering ideas to you. Be sure and have a journal handy to write them all down!

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