How Spirit Guides Communicate

Cardinals are a sign of the Dearly Departed.

Spirit Guides Communicate Indirectly

Spirit Guides communicate with signs and symbols.  If you have practiced opening your intuition you can get messages more directly via automatic writing or channeling.  Usually, though, people will start to see something they hadn’t noticed before over and over again.  If seeing that sign or symbol is accompanied by a feeling of presence or connection or deep happiness it could be a Spirit Guide.  Spirit Guides pay attention when someone is wishing they had a wise helper to talk to.  They will start trying to make contact.

What is a Spirit Guide? 

A Spirit Guide is kind of like an imaginary friend.  People who are clairvoyant (have psychic sight) can see them, but they are rarely seen directly.  Spirit Guides can be described as an interface between the soul and things outside of the normal five senses.  But they are also manifestations of different parts of the soul.  Sometimes they are ancestors and deceased loved ones.  It’s complicated. 

Spirit Guide Communication Signs 

The most basic way a Spirit Guide starts to communicate with you is through unusual things grabbing your attention.  People see a cardinal and know that it’s their grandmother reaching out to them.   

Maybe you see a plant that seems to be waving at you.  Your rational mind will say it’s just the wind, but you feel in your heart that it’s something more.  That plant could be connected to your Spirit Guide, or be the Spirit Guide itself. 

Or you keep feeling* that you just have to go get a piece of moonstone jewelry.  You may not even know the metaphysical meaning of moonstone, but when you go to look at a pendant you learn that it is about connecting with your inner goddess and you’ve been missing your mother.  That could be a message from her wanting you to keep her close to your heart.

*It’s important that it’s more of a feeling than an actual thought.  Even people who are skilled intuitives rely on feelings before thoughts.

You might see a certain word or phrase repeated wherever you go: on billboards and shop signs, books and pop-up ads on your screen.  It could be as simple as “Be Happy”.  Usually Spirit Guides go for simple and direct.  Your Spirit Guide is saying to you right now “It’s not rocket science.” 

More advanced methods of Spirit Guide communication are oracle cards, tea leaf reading, scrying, dowsing and so on.  But really, they like to keep it simple.

What You Believe Helps Your Spirit Guides

Belief does come into play.  Spirit Guides work with what you know.  As with the cardinal example above, the more people hear about that particular sign from other people, the more they start to believe in it, and the more it actually works that way.  Cardinals have become a very popular sign from the Dearly Departed.  Spirit Guides probably invented memes. 

The Reticular Activating System 

That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?  The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a bundle of nerves in the brainstem that have to do with focus.  Without taking the time to separate science from pseudoscience, it is responsible for focusing your attention on certain things and not others.  It’s why you suddenly see yellow cars everywhere when you decide you want to buy a yellow car when you never noticed them before.  It seems like magic.  It kind of is, but it’s also what your brain naturally does. 

Spirit Guides Communicate Via the RAS

Once you see a sign or symbol a few times you will begin to associate them with a certain Spirit Guide.  That will activate your RAS and you will see it more often.  Does that mean that your brain is making connections to Spirit Guides that aren’t there?  Not entirely.  It’s actually strengthening the connection with your Spirit Guide, too.  This is where the line between Here and There, or Inner and Outer start to blur.  When that starts to happen it’s a good idea to practice grounding on a daily basis. 

Spiritual Signs in Nature Class 

Wild Indigo Coyote, a group of three women who are practitioners at Illuminations, teach a Spiritual Signs in Nature class.  In it you can learn more about recognizing signs from the spirit realm.  Check the Illuminations Events Calendar to find out the next time it will be offered.


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About the Author 

Gretchen Little has been listening to the plants in her mother’s garden her entire life.  Fluent in the language of Spirit Guides, she interprets their messages for others in readings. 


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