Cord Cutting

What’s an Energetic Cord?

Energy cords are ropes of spiritual energy that connect two things.  They are literally the ties that bind.  Any kind of relationship you have, with work, family, social groups, etc. is made up of this network of energetic ties.  Cords can be beneficial.  Any time you feel the warm fuzzies towards someone or something then that’s a positive cord that is likely to be mutually uplifting for both parties.  But when the cord is consistently doing more harm than good, that’s when you need to cut it.

Energy Vampires

Let’s say you notice that when you’re around certain people you feel your energy draining.  Sometimes this person is referred to as an “energy vampire”.  That is someone you need to cut cords with.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to cut them out of your life altogether.  Sometimes a cord cutting can change a relationship for the better without having to burn bridges.

A Short List of Signs That You Need to Cut a Cord

  • You can’t stop thinking about someone, even when you want to.
  • They influence you at an unconscious level. For example, they ask you to do something and you say yes even though you don’t want to.
  • You want to keep helping somebody even when they don’t want your help.
  • You ask a psychic to tell you what somebody else is thinking.
  • You have intense, unsettling dreams about someone.
  • You talk about being too empathic with somebody.

What is Cord Cutting?

Cord cutting is an intuitive technique where you identify an energetic connection between you and someone or something else.  There are several ways to do this depending on how you are most comfortable accessing your intuition. Some people are clairvoyant and are able to see the cords.  Others may use a pendulum to show them where the cords are.  Once the cord is identified something is used to cut it and then heal it.  This is not something physical that is cut.  All this happens at a spiritual level.  Sometimes you’ll see people slicing through empty air to physically reinforce the idea of the cord cutting.

Advanced Cord Cutting

Energetic ties aren’t always with people.  They can be with pets, plants, buildings and places and just about anything, really.  Sometimes they are ancestral cords going back generations.  They could be vows to gods or to protect a place made by an ancestor a thousand years ago.  Not all cords need to be cut, but if they aren’t relevant to your current life why clutter up your energy field?  All of that can weigh you down.

Help with Cutting Cords

This is a technique that you can read about and do yourself, but some cords are very resilient and need some extra help to cut and then heal.  Nationally recognized author and practitioner Margaret Ann Lembo will be teaching Cord Cutting:  Releasing the Energetic Ties of Your Past at Illuminations where she will guide you in identifying and cutting some of these cords.  The class is October 28, 2019 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM and costs $47.  Click on this link to register.  If you can’t make the class you can pick up her Cord Cutting meditation CD at Illuminations.




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