Linden Flower Magic

Linden flowers and leaves are a magical herbal resource for instilling calm and a sense of beauty in your life.  Here are several reasons why you would want to add it to your personal apothecary.

Linden flowers come from the linden tree, also known as a basswood tree.  They are commonly used to make a lovely, sweetly perfumed tea in Europe.  Here in the U.S. it is less well known for that purpose.

Stephanie Ryan, owner of Illuminations, attended a presentation by Susun Weed at the 2016 Transformation Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Ms. Weed is a proponent of herbal infusions.  An infusion is like a tea, but it is steeped overnight in order to allow the nutrients from the plant to fully infuse the water.  One of the herbs Ms. Weed really loves is Linden flowers and leaves.

As mentioned above, the scent and flavor of linden is heavenly.  You can reuse the flowers and leaves at least once more.  The more you use them, the more mucilage is extracted, which makes the “tea” a little thicker but that, in turn, is the secret to the soothing effects of linden on the digestive system.

Even without drinking it, linden seems to have a magical, soothing quality if you take the time to get to know it.  You could put linden flowers in a sachet to put under your pillow at night, or to carry with you into stressful situations.  If you want to attract fairies leave out a little dish of dried linden leaves and flowers for them.  Add some to a bath to add calming, divine feminine energy to your soak.

Because one of its medical effects is to dilate blood vessels you want to be very careful if you are taking medication to do that before you drink or soak in it.

Illuminations has pre-portioned bags of linden flower available for purchase.  Each bag contains enough linden for a one quart drinkable infusion.  There are also Susun Weed books in stock which you can buy to learn more about her philosophy of herbal infusions and the many other herbs she uses.


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