Identifying Crystals-Onyx or Calcite?

I know many of you feel overwhelmed when you attempt to identify your crystals. I’ll let you in on a secret- I can feel that way too. After years of working with crystals, I’ve learned a lot, but sometimes I can get it wrong too! My recent lesson actually came from Kirk at the Hound Dog Rock Shop via Facebook. He wrote on a Facebook post that vendors/sellers will call a stone Onyx when it’s actually Banded Calcite. I didn’t know this piece of information, so I started researching. Indeed, the Onyx we know and love is usually black and/or white.

Example of Black Onyx

When the stone is multi-colored, it is usually Banded Calcite. Apparently the commercial building industry just lumped Banded Calcite into the category of Onyx. However, a geologist will tell you that they aren’t the same. Since in the metaphysical community we are feeling the energy of the crystals, I feel it is important to identify the stone we are working with as much as we can. The post I made the other day about Multi-Colored Onyx, while not technically wrong, as some identify the stone that way, I will now label as Banded Calcite. I feel that Banded Calcite is a better description of this beautiful stone.

Is this Multi-colored Onyx or Banded Calcite? My verdict: Banded Calcite

Whew! I’ve gone done that rabbit hole and I haven’t even had my coffee yet.

Happy Crystal Collecting!

Stephanie Ryan


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