High John Floor Sweep

High John Floor Sweep is a type of spiritual floor wash that is used in hoodoo and other forms of folk magic. Hoodoo is an African American spiritual practice that blends African spiritual beliefs and practices with Native American and European folk magic traditions. High John the Conqueror is a root that is highly valued in hoodoo for its powerful spiritual properties.

The ingredients of High John Floor Sweep usually include High John the Conqueror root powder, salt, and other herbs and minerals. The root powder is believed to have the power to overcome obstacles, remove negativity, and draw in success and prosperity. Salt is a powerful purifying agent that is believed to cleanse and purify a space, removing negative energy and attracting positive energy.

High John Floor Sweep is used in businesses or homes to attract success, prosperity, and abundance. It is believed to remove any negativity or obstacles that may be blocking the flow of positive energy and good luck. The floor sweep is typically sprinkled on the floor and then swept up, symbolically taking any negativity and obstacles with it. This is often done in a specific pattern or direction, depending on the practitioner’s intention and the specific tradition they follow. Some practitioners may also add additional herbs or minerals to the floor sweep, depending on their specific needs and intentions.

In addition to its spiritual uses, High John Floor Sweep also has practical benefits. The salt and other ingredients can help to clean and purify the floor, removing dirt, grime, and other contaminants. This can help to create a physically clean and spiritually pure space.High John Floor Sweep is just one of many spiritual floor washes used in hoodoo and other forms of folk magic. Each type of floor wash has its own unique properties and uses, and practitioners may choose to use different types depending on their specific needs and intentions.


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