Metaphysical Class

Having a hard time focusing? Feeling like you’re taking on other people’s stuff? Been floating in angelic energy and having difficulty coming back to earth? You may need to get grounded. This is an experiential class where you will explore many different methods of grounding your energy. This will include a session outside in the grass as well as what crystals, essential oils, or other tools to use. There will be time to share your own experiences with grounding. Please come to class scattered and stressed, or, alternatively, blissed out, if possible!

Taught by Gretchen Little who first learned, decades ago, how grounding and communicating with spirit goes hand-in-hand. That understanding deepened a few years ago at a meeting of the First Iowa Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers. Recently she saw an article in the Washington Post about how conventional medicine is embracing grounding . She saw that as a sign that now is the time to revisit grounding with a group.

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