Healing and Protective Archetypes of Feminine Energy

rchetypes are universal patterns that provide clues and guidance to stay healthy–and have better interactions with others.
Male and female energies exist within each person, and have nothing to do with gender or sex. Many of the challenges and tension in today’s world are triggered by the unbalanced expression of this divine energetic union.
Discover how to find balance within yourself, expand your divine feminine virtues, and allow your feminine energy to flow. Embrace the female elements of earth and water—and relate to the zodiac wheel and you. Every other house in the astrological chart is feminine and is representative of many of the life issues you face.
This one-day class will support you to love and nurture yourself by stepping into feminine power. If you are a healer, this knowledge provides profound insight into patterns that affect your clients or patients and enlightens you to advance their transformation and healing.
You learn:
What the archetypes are and why you should care.
The patterns that affect your overall well-being.
How to nurture and protect yourself and the ones you love.
How to find balance of the male and female within you.

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