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Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors

In this class, we talk about the difference between Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors.  They are a large part of our lives and help us on our journey. We will help you learn how to recognize and work with them in various aspects of your life. This will be followed by a guided meditation that…

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Ditch Witchery

Use local herbs for magic and healing.

Learn Plant Magic In this class you will be introduced to the bounty of Iowa’s “weeds”. Learn to identify various plants used by our ancestors for healing & magic. Ditch Witchery is Plant Magic Ditch Witchery is a form of Kitchen Witchcraft.  It is herbalism and plant magic.  A witch practicing ditch witchery uses whatever…

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Mystery School 2017: The Year of the Goddess

Join Stephanie Ryan and Gretchen Little as we connect with the Goddess within. Bring the feminine energy back into balance. Each month, we will study a Goddess and learn ways to facilitate a deep connection to that particular Goddess. This will be a study of self-exploration. You will also receive a mystery box each month…

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