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New Moon of the New Year Abundance Ritual

Please join Wild indigo Coyote as we welcome in the new year with an Abundance Ritual on the first new moon of the new year! This is a time of reflection of the past year, and opportunity to attract your heartfelt longings for the new year. As we gather, we will take time to release…

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Sisters of the New Moon Circle

Join us for our monthly New Moon Circle, where we will be celebrating the new moon entering the earthy sign of Taurus. The strong and stable energy of the Bull invites us to find joy and expression in our sensuality as women for our emotional health and well-being. Special guest Ellen Noble will be joining…

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Leo New Moon

Some of our customers haven’t been feeling great in the last few days. I believe that it’s probably due to the Leo new moon, and the energies yet to come in August. At the time of the new moon, our energy is at its lowest. This is a time for rest and reflection. Meditation, alone…

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