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Psychic Children

More and more children and teens are waking up to gifts they never realized they had. They see things, hear things, and feel things that others don’t… and often feel worried and frustrated because of it. But there’s help available! Come to our Psychic Children Workshop where we will set you and your children on…

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Loving Your Empathic Self

HSP, HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON, does that fit you?  Have you been told you have too big a heart, too nice, too sensitive, too empathic? Hard to say no? Somewhat intuitive? Feel discomfort in your stomach every now and then?   Drained sometimes after being in crowds or near someone? Come learn why, what this is, how…

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Mediumship Circle

This circle is a chance to receive and give messages from loved ones on the Other Side.  This is not a class but rather an opportunity to share any gifts of mediumship you have.  We will sit in a circle, set our intentions and create a safe space, then allow everyone to give messages as…

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