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To Witch or Not to Witch

To Witch or Not to Witch? That is the question. I’m going to be perfectly honest here. I’ve been part of the metaphysical community for a while now. I’ve been co-chair of a metaphysical expo for 8 years, and the owner of a metaphysical center for 3 years. I’ve seen a lot and been through…

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Midwest Witches Conference

Wild Indigo Coyote presents the Second Annual Midwest Witches Conference! Join us for a day of incredible speakers and vendors offering fabulous merchandise. There will be great door prizes as well as the chance to win a cauldron with over $200 worth of wonderful witchy items! For those who wish to participate we will have…

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Magical symbols

Sigils are a symbol or image that is created in order to harness the deep powers of intention and desire. They are used for everything from communication to magic. Come learn the beauty and power of Sigils ~ and craft your own personal Sigil. Class is taught by Wild Indigo Coyote and the fee is…

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Ditch Witchery

Use local herbs for magic and healing.

Learn Plant Magic In this class you will be introduced to the bounty of Iowa’s “weeds”. Learn to identify various plants used by our ancestors for healing & magic. Ditch Witchery is Plant Magic Ditch Witchery is a form of Kitchen Witchcraft.  It is herbalism and plant magic.  A witch practicing ditch witchery uses whatever…

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Green Faced Witch: The Halloween Witch

She is one of the most strong, powerful feminists you will ever know. She is so amazing, you should pay your respects to Her on a daily basis. We are talking about The Green Faced Witch; The Halloween Witch. Begin your journey to Her; come and find out who She is and why/how you can…

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Introduction to Witchcraft Series, Class 1: Introduction Class

This first class will cover a brief introduction to the rest of the series. James will cover the following topics: different paths, creating a sacred space, intention/karma, and other beliefs. This class is intended to be a series that a person would take throughout the year. We will also discuss why the class is for…

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